House Bread 16 ₪
Served with olive oil, balsamic, tomato salsa and garlic confit
Olives 15 ₪
Dish of mixed olives
Dried Almonds 14 ₪
Unpeeled almonds in brine
Char-grilled Eggplant 36 ₪
Burnt eggplant filet, with a black sauce and Middle Eastern style techina and chickpeas
With additional ground lamb topping - 15
Crispy Eggplant 20 ₪
Cubes of fried eggplant with spicy cerice and aioli
Calamari rings 30 ₪
With a crispy coating and smoked paprika aioli
Chopped Liver 30 ₪
The Polish variety with our pickles and bruscetta
Carpaccio 30 ₪
Beef with regiano, rocket and baby leaves, served with house bread
Multi Coloured char grilled peppers 26 ₪
Served with grated Toloum cheese
Provencal Cauliflower 32 ₪
Fried with garlic, lemon and parsley sauce
Salvador style fattush 30 ₪
Herb salad with cranberries and crispy roasted almond chips
Mini Caprese salad 30 ₪
Tamar cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, Kalamatas, red onion, lemon, roasted garlic bread chips and mozzarella
Smoked goose breast 46 ₪
Finely sliced, served on butchers block, with balsamic reduction and roasted potatoes
Mykonos Salad 40 ₪
Chunky chopped vegetables, with Toloume cheese, oregano, Kalamatas, hard boiled egg
Mixed Lettuce salad 36 ₪
With honey and balsamic vinaigrette, sliced pear, candied almonds
Addition of blue cheese -
Lamb Spareribs 82 ₪
Smoked and slow roasted, 500 gm . Served with potatoes and baby salad
Fish and Chips 46 ₪
Old fashioned deep fried fish and chips served with lemon
Pizza foccacia 39 ₪
With mozzarella and other surpises !
Lachmajun 44 ₪
Pastry topped with ground lamb, special spices, with a yoghurt techina sauce , pickled red onions and sumac
Hamburger 58 ₪
Fresh homemade ground beef patty, served on a bun, with chips and vegetables
Additional Burger toppings:
Fried egg - 7 Garlic mushrooms - 12, Bouche Cheese - 14, Manciego cheese - 12 , Fried onion - 6
Churasko Sandwich 76 ₪
Grilled slices of fresh beef sausage, with fried onion, aioli and guacamole. Served with pickles, vegetables and chips
Half a Chicken Licken 78 ₪
Marinated in lemon, garlic and mustard. Smoked lightly. Served with chips and pickles
Rossini Tornado 75 ₪
Beef filet with goose liver, served on a toasted brioche with a balsamic reduction drizzle!
House sausages 62 ₪
Served with pickled cabbage, vegetables and chips
150 GM MEAT SERVED WITH A BAKED POTATO. All our meats are fresh or aged :
Entrecote 28 ₪
Butchers cut 48 ₪
Beef filet 50 ₪
Rump steak 38 ₪
Sinta 50 ₪
Lamb Ribs 58 ₪
Bulgarian Kebab 54 ₪
Tiramisu 38 ₪
Classic with biscuits
Canaffe 35 ₪
Homemade, served in a hot pan
Fresh seasonal fruit salad 30 ₪
With sorbet – ask waiter what flavour's are available